General Policies

What are the Grand Island Fun Center hours?

Please check our complete calendar here, but be aware that hours
are subject to change due to weather or other circumstance without notice.

What is the admission fee?

There is no cost to enter the Grand Island Fun Center. All of our attractions are
individually priced as well as unlimited passes and different package deals.

Smoking and Vaping Policy

For the comfort of guests, smoking and vaping is only permitted in the parking lot
and is not allowed anywhere inside the park

Pet Policy

Only service animals are permitted inside the park and must not be left
unattended at any time.


Grand Island Fun Center only accepts US cash, and most major credit/debit
cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Personal checks are only
accepted for pre booked groups and parties.

Inclement Weather

With most of our attractions being outdoor, weather may affect the operation of
certain attractions. Our goal is to keep attractions open, but we will close certain
attractions if it will affect guest safety.

Refund policy

All sales are final. If you are unable to use any passes or tickets, they never
expire so you may bring them back your next visit. If you purchased an unlimited
pass and we had to shut down an attraction due to inclement weather, we will
add back the time it was down to your wristband. If our attractions are down for
longer than 60 minutes, we will issue a raincheck. Unruly or disruptive guests
may be ejected from the park with no refund or rain check given.

Camera, video and phone policy

There are no phones, cameras or other video recording devices permitted on the
Go Kart track, batting cages, or laser tag arena. Any photos or video must be
taken in the guest viewing areas outside of these attractions

Unattended minors

We recommend that minors (under 18) be accompanied by an adult. The park
does not assume any responsibility or liability for unattended minors.

Lost or Stolen Items

Grand Island Fun Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen property. Any
lost items must be reported to front counter staff as soon as you see the items

Social media

All of our social media can be found here: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and is the
best place to find specials, coupons and information on our latest events.

How much are your attractions?

Check out our attractions page to see all of our pricing, packages and unlimited
passes. Prices are subject to change at any time.


Parking is always free at the Grand Island Fun Center

Where can I request a donation?

Click here to submit an application for a donation request.

How do I buy passes ahead online?

It's easy! For help on how to buy online, please click here.


What is the height and age requirement for the go karts?

To drive a single seater go kart alone, the driver must be 56” tall. To ride as a passenger the rider must be 36” tall. The driver of a 2 seater kart must have a valid driver's license. The combined weight of a driver and passenger must not exceed 400lbs

What should I wear to race go karts?

All riders must wear shoes and comfortable clothing, and guests with hair longer
than their shoulders must bring a hair tie to tie it back

Is there a height or weight maximum?

We have had NFL players from the Buffalo Bills that have raced! So our karts are
big, but the weight of a single seater or double seater must not exceed 400lbs.
Our only requirement is that the seat belt fastens any rider. If we can not safely
buckle you into the seat, then unfortunately you may not ride. We will gladly have you sit in a kart to attempt to buckle before you purchase a ticket or a pass, so please check with a
staff member first.

How long is a race?

The race is 10 laps around our track.

Is prior race experience required?

No prior racing experience is required, a trained attendant will go over racing tips,
track procedure and safety policy prior to every race. We do recommend that
new drivers come during slow times on weekdays to test the track with less other

Do you need a reservation to race?

No reservations are required. Just arrive and drive!

How long is the wait to ride?

We can never predict how long it will take to get on the track because it is based
on day of the week, time of day and how many other racers are there. We do
have many other attractions you can take part in while you wait.

How many people can race at once?

We allow no more than 10 karts on the track at the same time.

What are important racing policies?

• There are no cell phones or cameras on the track
• Seat Belt must be worn at all times
• Must listen to the track attendants instructions and directions at all time
• No bumping other karts or the track barriers
• No drifting of your kart
• Must avoid collisions with other riders under all circumstances
• Must obey all flags I.E must come to a complete stop when the red flag is flown
• Any track violation is subject to track suspension without refund

Where can I learn more about riding Go-Karts?

On this page here!

Batting Cages

What are the requirements to use the batting cages?

• To use any cage, the batter must be 6 years old, and to use the fast cage (Cage
3) The batter must be 13 or older.
• Batters must use batting helmets at all times. No exceptions
• These machines throw both balls and strikes. Batters must be alert at all times. If
the machines are constantly throwing out of the strike zone, alert an attendant
• One batter in a cage at a time. No coaches or parents allowed when the
machines are pitching.
• Only do practice swings inside the cages
• Batters must wear shoes
• Report any issues with the cages to a staff member, never cross the red line for
any reason

Do you take reservations for the cages?

Yes, 30 and 60 minute cage rentals can be planned in advance. Please call
ahead or email to schedule your reservation.

Do I need my own equipment?

You may use your own bat and helmet but we provide bats and helmets free of

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