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​Zip around our fast-paced track and get your practice in before you join NASCAR. If that is not your goal, try challenging your friends and family to an epic race and earn your well deserved bragging rights! Each race is 10 laps around our quarter mile track so are you ready to prove your skill? Our karts are gas powered for the best racing experience and yes we have 2 seater karts for the little ones!


10 laps per race. You must be 56" tall to ride alone in your own kart. If you are not tall or old enough, you can ride as a passenger at no extra cost as long as you are 36" tall and the driver has a valid license.




10 tickets for your choice of attractions: Go Karts, Laser Tag, Mini golf, 6 Batting Cages.



Want to learn more about our rules and restrictions? Visit our FAQ page here

Each race is 10 laps around our 1/4 mile track or 5 minutes which ever comes first. Navigate our hairpin turns and bank turns to see how much racing skill you really have. All of our karts are gas powered so no worrying about a dead battery! We have 2 seater karts too so the little ones can ride too!

A waiver must be signed to ride a go kart. Print and sign before you come in to save time! (Waivers stay on file for the entire season so if you do it once, you are set for the whole year!)

Solo driver must be 56" tall to drive alone. Passenger must be 36" tall with a licensed adult as a driver.

Fill Out Your Waiver Online to Save Time

Attraction not suggested for pregnant women, individuals with back or neck problems or those with a heart condition. No loose fitting clothing or scarfs can be worn. All hair must be tied up past shoulder length. Young children must be able to sit up on their own and have control of their neck and head.

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